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Virtual Work Experience with the Met Office from Now until 1st Aug'24 (Yrs 9-13)

Open to students aged 13-18, with over 7 hours of content to access at their own pace between now and 1 August 2024

In this Virtual Work Experience programme, we'll guide you through the diverse careers available at the Met Office, helping you visualise some of the job opportunities that your skills and talent could lead to in the future.

But that's not all! Completing this work experience won't just provide you with valuable insights into Met Office careers; it also opens up the exclusive opportunity for you to apply for an in-person work experience with the Met Office!

What's included

In this virtual work experience programme, you’ll explore the extensive opportunities a career at the Met Office can provide, their individual entry routes and various skill sets. You’ll take part in quizzes and thought-provoking activities, all while meeting the industry experts along the way!

To Register to take part in this virtual experience, click HERE

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