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Virtual Work Experience in TV & Film on 13-24 Feb/23 (Yrs 10-13) - Apply by 3/2/23

Love the camera, but does the camera love you?

TV & Film Work Experience

Can you keep your finger on the pulse? Are you able to summarise concepts and events, and present your work to the masses? Look no further than this journalism virtual work experience programme. We'll explore the different types of journalism and media as well as reveal the code that all journalists should stick to.

Experience overview

Sounds pretty glitzy right? When you think of TV and film, what comes to mind - red carpets and awards? We're going to pull back the curtain and discover what a career in TV and film really looks like, from popular film theory to what happens in post production, you'll get a backstage pass.

What’s included?

This programme has it all, you'll get the chance to direct a short film, take part in quizes that put your knowledge to the test and hear from industry professionals, like film critics and heads of production.

The programme is open to anyone aged 13+

Certificate of completion

Approximately 10 hours to complete

3 live webinars

Complete at a pace that suits you

Deadline for Applications is the 3rd February 2023 click here to APPLY

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