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KGA Year 12 Work Experience on 8th-12th July 2024

Welcome to your Year 12 work experience page!

Here you will find:

  1. Your WEX support sheet which will give you advice for how to find a placement, how to prepare for your placement and what to do during your placement.

Yr 12 Work Experience Support Sheet 2024 FINAL
Download DOCX • 609KB

Your WEX application form which needs to be handed in by Monday 8th January 2024

  1. You can either hand in a completed paper form or email an electronically completed form to

  2. Once your completed form has been received, our Careers Team will contact your employer to ask them to complete a Health & Safety check

Word version: Use this if you would like to type into the application form and email it to

KGA Yr 12 Work Experience Form 2023-24
Download DOC • 108KB

PDF version:

KGA Yr 12 Work Experience Form 2023-24
Download PDF • 254KB

Work Experience Launch Presentation

Delivered during PSHE assembly on 11th October 2024

Y12 & Y10 WEX Launch Assembly
Download PDF • 2.82MB


CV Support

Want to improve your CV? Check out our support here:

Further Support

Remember that Monday Lunchtime is Careers Drop-in in M11 Careers Room - pop by if you would like some support

Good luck with your work experience applications and finding a placement.

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