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Career Insight: Meet Army Musicians (All years, Mon 25th March 2024 3-4pm)

This talk and interactive workshop will take place after school, in-person at Kingsbury Green Academy, from 3-4pm. Pupils attending should have an interest in music. If you already play an instrument and are able to bring it with you, please do as there will be a fun opportunity to play together with the band.


KGA pupil: As this is a workshop, there are limited places, so please sign up on the attendance form here: You must also ask your parent/carer to complete the permission to attend on their ParentPay account - places are limited and first come first served based on ParentPay permissions so make sure your parent/carer completes this too!

Pupils who do not attend KGA: If you would like to attend and are coming from another school in the Ascend Learning Trust, please register here and then you will need to seek permission from your school to attend as this Career Insight is in-person at Kingsbury Green Academy.

Download the PDF version of the above poster to access the links:

Meet Army Musicians
Download PDF • 3.18MB

How do the talks work?

The talks are usually live via a video call, however some will be held in-person. Pupils have the chance to ask the employer questions that the employer will answer straight away.

Where do I go for the talk?

Schools across the Ascend Learning Trust are invited to take part in the Careers Insight: Meet a... live talks. Your school will inform you of the location of the talk once you have registered.

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