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  • Catherine Young

Career Insight Recording: Meet a Freelance Designer & Photographer (All years)

This talk happened on Wednesday 14th Dec 2022 because of a pupil request!

Catch up on our conversation with Gemma Wilks about being a freelance designer and photographer. Discover how she got into this career and why following your passion can be a good path to take.

Gemma's photo that she talks about during the Career Insight:

Previous registration details:

Register to attend here:

Access the links via the PDF version:

Meet a Freelance Designer and Photographer
Download PDF • 2.04MB

How do the talks work?

The talks are live via a video call. Pupils have the chance to ask the employer questions that the employer will answer straight away.

Where do I go for the talk?

Schools across the Ascend Learning Trust are invited to take part in the Careers Insight: Meet a... live talks. Your school will inform you of the location of the talk once you have registered.

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