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  • Catherine Young

Career Insight Recording: Meet a Body Confidence & Mindset Coach (All years)

This talk happened on Friday 9th December 2022 because of a pupil request!

Catch up on our conversation with Emma Wheeler about being a Body Confidence and Mindset Coach and the different pathways you can take in this area. Discover how she progressed in her career and hear her tips and answers to our pupil's questions.

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Meet a Body COnfidence and Mindset Coach
Download PDF • 1.90MB

How do the talks work?

The talks are live via a video call. Pupils have the chance to ask the employer questions that the employer will answer straight away.

Where do I go for the talk?

Schools across the Ascend Learning Trust are invited to take part in the Careers Insight: Meet a... live talks. Your school will inform you of the location of the talk once you have registered.

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