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Apprenticeships with the British Army (All Years)

The Army can offer adventure and opportunity to people who want to do something different through a range of amazing apprenticeships.

When you join the Army, you’ll not only learn how to be a world-class soldier or officer, but you’ll continue to develop skills and earn qualifications while you work.

At the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, the Army support 16 and 17 year olds in learning military skills, fitness and education (including English and Maths) so that they’re ready for an apprenticeship and successful career in whichever part of the Army suits them best – all whilst earning a good wage and making friends for life.

Once you’ve finished the course at AFC Harrogate, you’ll move onto your trade training which is where you will learn more about your specific trade. Once you have completed both elements of training, you will be ready to join your unit, as a soldier in the British Army.

For more information on all the amazing opportunities on offer, click HERE

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