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  • Catherine Young

Year 12 Uni Taster Events - Loughborough Uni (Yr 12, 18th Jan 2021)

Loughborough University will launch their Year 12 Taster Events on the 18th January 2021.

These events can give you the opportunity to explore a huge variety of degree subjects through taster sessions delivered by academics and virtual tours and talks delivered by students.

You can also learn more about student life and the UCAS application process.

Register your interest here to find out more about these events.


Why It Matters

Two new activities are available under the Why It Matters project for Year 12s:

  1. Support to identify your transferable skills

  2. Help to evidence your subject interest for your UCAS Personal Statements.

Click here to use the activities independently or if you a teacher, to use them in class.


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