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Work Experience in Engineering and Science on 1/2/23 (Yr 13) Apply Now!

This event is for Year 13 or final year College students (up to age 21) interested in a STEM career and who are looking to apply for an apprenticeship or job with MBDA.

MBDA are proud of the role that they play in supporting the armed forces who protect our nations. MBDA partners with our governments to work together towards a common goal of defending the UK's freedom.

Through their combined expertise, MBDA designs and delivers innovative missiles and missile systems that help protect our future.

MBDA's mission is to operate as a trusted part of the defence community in our home nations and with their allies; providing decisive military capability to protect national security and enable strategic independence.

The people at MBDA deliver this with a strong commitment to their Values; Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Commitment and Team Spirit.

Wednesday 1st February 2023 - 10am until 12.30pm


Your day could look like this:

  • Welcome to MBDA, ice-breaker activity and introduction to the team and the Application Masterclass.

  • Different programmes and opportunities that MBDA offer.

  • Explanation of the application process and how to apply.

  • Feedback support session around the application process.

  • Smaller group activities working on application-related tasks.

  • Mock interviews with feedback from MBDA professionals.

  • Next steps and pathways into a career with MBDA.

Click here to APPLY

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