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Wiltshire College Higher Education Week (Yr 11 - 13, 8-15th March 2021)

Wiltshire College is currently hosting a Progression Month to help you with your journey into further and higher education (post-16 and post-18).

Progression Month is all about helping students move forward onto their prospective careers or find pathways into the next stage of their education. We’ve got a wide range of action-packed activities for all students to get involved in over the next few weeks, and will be hosting over 65 talks including university advice, guest speakers, virtual tours, finance advice and much more.

This year, Progression Month coincides with National Apprenticeship Week, National Careers Week and Higher Education Week, so we’ll be bringing you a variety of exciting and helpful live talks and online resources revolving around these themes.

Click here to find out more and then use the buttons to book a careers session or view our courses, otherwise scroll through to check out our schedule of events and start thinking about your next steps.


Coming up

8th — 14th March: Higher Education Week

Click here to find out more.

Higher Education Week is all about exploring the wide variety of opportunities that are available after second-level education.

Going to university will help you study something you love doing, get a taste of independence, gain a recognised qualification, develop your skills, increase your earning potential, and yes, student life!

Over the course of the week, there will be a series of talks and rescources offering tips on making decisions, life at University, applying to HE, and what to expect throughout the process. We have over 12 universities visiting, and our very own superb H.E team.


HE Week Schedule

Click here to find out more.

Monday 8th

  • 9am — Introduction to Higher Education

  • 11am — Student Life: Falmouth University

  • 12pm — How to write your Personal Statement: Portsmouth University

  • 1pm — Student Finance — Falmouth University

  • 3pm — Network 75 Degree Apprenticeships: University South of Wales

Tuesday 9th

  • 11am — Virtual Tour Bath Spa

Wednesday 10th

  • 11am — University Life: Bournemouth University

  • 1pm — Choices: University of South Wales

  • 3pm — Business: Bath Spa University

  • 6pm — University Life: Bath Spa

  • 7pm — Student Finance

Thursday 11th

  • 10am — Choices: Winchester University

  • 11am — Escape Room: University of South Wales

  • 1pm — Interview Skills: Portsmouth University

  • 3pm — Higher Education Options with WIN

Friday 12th

  • 9am — STEM: University of Portsmouth

  • 11am — STEM: Wiltshire College

  • 1pm — Gloucestershire University Summer School

Health and Life Sciences

Monday 8th

  • 10.45am — Health & Social L2: Suffolk University

  • 11am — Criminology & Law: Winchester University

  • 11am — Criminology & Law: Wiltshire College H.E Team

  • 11am — Public Services L2: Gloucestershire University

  • 11am — Early Years L2: Suffolk University

Tuesday 9th

  • 1.30pm — Health & Social L2: Suffolk University

  • 1pm — Criminology & Law

Wednesday 10th

  • 9.30am — Health & Social L3: Suffolk University

  • 1pm — CPLD: Winchester University

  • 2pm — Sport L2: Gloucesershire University

  • 3pm — Health & Social L2: Suffolk University

Thursday 11th

  • 9.30am — CPLD L3

  • 9.30am — Early Years: Suffolk University

Friday 12th

  • 9am — Sport: Gloucestershire University

  • 9.15am — Health & Social L3: Winchester University

  • 9.30am — CPLD L3: Suffolk University

  • 3pm — Forensic ScienceL Gloucestershire University

Creative Arts

Monday 8th

  • 9.30am — TV & Film: Wiltshire College & University Centre

  • 9.30am — Performing Arts L2: USOW

  • 2pm — Art: Falmouth University

Tuesday 9th

  • 10am — Games Development: USOW

Wednesday 10th

  • 9.30am — Media L2: Bournemouth University

  • 9.30am — Music Performance Arts L1&2: Bournemouth University

Thursday 11th

  • 2pm — Art & Design L1&2: Bath Spa University

Friday 12th

  • 10am — Performing Arts: USOW


  • Monday 8th, 11am — Business L3: Bath Spa University

  • Tuesday 9th, 11.45am — Business L3: Bath Spa University

  • Wednesday 10th, 11am — IT L3: UWE

  • Friday 12th, 11.45am — IT L2: UWE

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