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Which Medical School Teaching Style Is Right For You? (Yr 12-13)

A big thing to think about when you’re considering which Medical Schools to apply for is which teaching style would suit you best as a learner.

Each Medical School’s courses are unique. There are two main teaching styles used by Medical Schools, along with different teaching approaches to consider. Within this article we’ll help you explore which one may be best for you. We will cover:

  • What are the different types of Medical School teaching styles?

  • What are the different teaching approaches used to deliver Integrated Medicine courses?

What Are The Different Types of Teaching Styles Used by Medical Schools?

There are two main teaching styles used by Medical Schools that you may come across:

  • Traditional

  • Integrated

Let’s take a closer look at each individual style…


  • Key focus on teaching the theoretical and scientific background to Medicine in the first stage of study, before moving onto clinical training

  • Learning tends to be delivered through lectures and you’re likely to have a full timetable of teaching each week

  • Good for those who don’t wish to go straight into clinical placements and for those who may be interested in doing a PhD or Masters after the Medicine course

  • Used at Oxford & Cambridge


  • This approach is taken by the majority of UK Medical Schools

  • An integrated Medicine course incorporates teaching around scientific knowledge and clinical training

  • Focus is placed on self-directed learning and group learning

  • Good for self-motivated students who enjoy hands-on learning and working within teams

  • You will work with patients from the start of your Medicine course

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