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  • Catherine Young

VWEX for Immigration law, politics and policy ( Age 14+, 13th Oct - 10th Nov, 21st Sept deadline)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Who should get involved?

Students who are interested in immigration law, politics or policy.

It is such a big and complex subject. Governments need to develop policies that help vulnerable people and the economy while making sure that other public interests are protected. Campaigning groups need to push for those laws to work for groups of often vulnerable people. Lawyers are there to help individuals (or in some cases everyone). All of this needs to be reported in an accurate and fair way by journalists.

If this all sounds interesting you will enjoy the immigration school. We expect to have speakers from government, civil society, the legal sector and the media.

You need not be looking for a career in law, but we will spend a little time talking about what is involved in becoming a solicitor, barrister or to otherwise work in a law firm.

Who can get involved?

We are holding the immigration school because we want to help students who have been doing A-Levels - or equivalent - who received their results this summer, but other students are welcome. The content may be too advanced for younger students but we do not want this to be a one off and hope there will be other opportunities for people to get involved.

How will it work?

The school will run over five evenings between 13 October 2020 and 10 November 2020. Once you have registered, we will send over the school schedule and log in details and you will be able to join online, listening to expert and interesting people talking about immigration law, policy and politics in the UK

Click here to register and apply.

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