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Virtual Work Experience in Teaching 13-24 Feb/23 (Yrs 10-13) - Apply by 3/2/23

Experience overview

When you think of teaching what do you think of? Your favourite teacher perhaps? Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers out there, but what goes into planning a great lesson and how do you keep your students safe and engaged? This teaching virtual work experience programme will put you at the top of the class.

What’s included?

We'll speak to a whole classroom of teachers, who teach from primary to university level, so you can get an idea of what teaching pathway best suits you. You'll take quizzes along the way, to make sure you're paying attention and deserving of an A*.

The programme is open to anyone aged 13+

Certificate of completion

Approximately 10 hours to complete

Hear from 3 industry experts with on-demand talks that fit your schedule

Complete real industry activities

Deadline for Applications is the 3rd February 2023 click here to APPLY

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