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Springpod Virtual Work Experience in Healthcare starts 12/2/24 (Yrs 10-13)

Places are subject to eligibility


Health and social care is one of the largest and most exciting industries in the country. Integral to making sure that we’re healthy, happy, and cared for when things go wrong, there are over 350 dedicated and varied careers available. In this programme, brought to you by BSW Integrated Care System in collaboration with Springpod, you’ll have access to insight into the world of health and social care, so that you can see the opportunities available and make informed career decisions for your future.

What's included

This programme will cover everything from an introduction to the different areas of health and social care to an insight into the distinct roles, responsibilities, and progression opportunities that can be found within areas such as allied health professions, medicine, and non-clinical roles.  You’ll have the chance to take part in some great quizzes and amazing activities, and you’ll even have the chance to hear from leading industry experts along the way! 

To register attendance on this course click this HERE (you will need to set up a Springpod account)

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