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University of Plymouth Student Shadowing Scheme Oct-Nov 2021 (Yrs 13) - APPLY NOW!

Our Student Shadowing Days which will be running towards the end of October and throughout November.

With this in mind we want to make sure as many students are signed up as possible to receive the latest updates about this event so we can match them with Student Ambassadors in the new academic year. If they have already put their name down on our mailing list, then do not fear they have been added!


What happens on a shadowing day?

Depending on subject choice the day will typically include blended learning, so potentially going to lectures, seminars and workshops (which will be in person and online) as well as seeing other campus facilities like the library and cafes to go to lunch with our Student Ambassadors.


The University of Plymouth will fund travel to and from Plymouth, typically from your closest train station. Where necessary, we will include overnight accommodation the night before to ensure students get a full day of shadowing. There will also be a complimentary lunch from one of our 9 cafes on campus for students to use during the Shadowing day.

Further information about the scheme is available on our website.

How to apply? At this stage, if anyone you know would be interested in booking a place, feel free to contact and the team would happily add you to our mailing list for further information.

To allow for matching with Student Ambassadors and coordination with academics, we will need to have names no later than Friday 23 July.

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