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  • Catherine Young

University of Bristol work experience (yr 10- 12, deadline 14th May)


Want to build self-confidence whilst gaining understanding of the scientific theories, techniques and equipment used in real life scientific research?

The University of Bristol's Faculty of Life Sciences are running both virtual and physical work experience to give you the opportunity to see your career in science.

You will develop essential skills and networks while being around academics and building top notch skills like:

Communication (Listening, talking and presenting)

Networking and professional interactions

Problem Solving and thinking creatively

Research and critical analysis

Data collection and interpretation

Digital literacy



Independent learning and using their own initiative

Higher Education readiness

so this is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in.


Year 10 opportunities:

  • Physical biochemistry 20 places

Year 12 opportunities:

  • Virtual all life sciences 50 places

  • Physical biological sciences 20 places

all work experience weeks will take place from the 28th June to 12th July. get your place as soon as possible by filling the forms below:

here for year 10

here for year 12

good luck everyone!

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