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Talking Science Jurassic Pompeii Event on Fri 24th June 2022 (All Yrs) - Book Now

Jurassic Pompeii – Sea Lilies, Sea Urchins and a Jurassic storm!

Friday 24th June 2022 at 19.00

A new site in Wiltshire has revealed one of the most important Jurassic localities in the world that contains exquisitely preserved remains of sea lilies (crinoids) sea urchins, and starfish. The site has produced thousands of exceptionally preserved complete specimens including at least 18 species, some of which are new to science. The fossils are so well preserved that they even have their original pigment!

This is the story of life in the Jurassic sea 167 million years ago, a story of tranquil seafloor meadows carpeted by sea lilies and other marine life, a story of how researchers, using state of the art imaging techniques, uncovered the secrets of a site, a story of tropical seas, storms and a calamity that’s written in the rocks!

To book places for this talk click HERE

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