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T-Levels Everything You Need to Know (Students & Parents)

T Level qualifications launched in 2020, offering a technical education option for students after their GCSEs. Designed for post-16 study, T Levels are level 3 qualifications and give students a head-start towards the career they want.

Since they launched, more than 16,000 students have started a T Level or T Level foundation programme. The rise in popularity has been matched by the increase in providers and programmes being offered throughout the country, demonstrating that they are an excellent choice for many young people.

Watch this webinar to hear from Susan Chambers from the T Level Delivery Division at the Department for Education, to find out everything you need to know about T Levels, including:

• What are T Levels? • Where are T Levels available? • How and when do you apply for T Levels? • How does the funding work? • Where could a T Level lead to? • Where can you find out more?

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