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  • Catherine Young

Royal Navy Recruitment (Yr 11+)

As we are all fully aware, the current COVID situation has impacted the economic outlook for the country, and the resulting concern around employment opportunities for young people. However, you will be pleased to learn that the Royal Navy is still recruiting, and our experienced and knowledgeable Royal Navy Careers Advisers are on hand to provide virtual support to your school/college and students, offering advice and guidance on the many career opportunities available in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

If any of your students would like to chat with a Careers Adviser, under teacher/parental supervision, we would be delighted to arrange a virtual careers chat at a mutually convenient time. Call 07898 234169 or email to find out more.

You can also watch videos about careers in the Royal Navy via this link to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines YouTube Recruitment portal.

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