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  • Catherine Young

Opportunities in the School of Humanities (Yr 11 and 12)


Have you had interest in the arts, classics and English? the university of Nottingham is a specialist in this field, and its students have plenty of experience to help you decide if you want to pursue a career in these professions:

Student Vlogger Hannah Parker has her own Youtube channel for classics, mythology, history and literature all in under ten minutes: click here. She also has a story of switching from biology to her current subject: click here

build a successful career in the arts and humanities:

Whilst learning in your degree, there are many opportunities which can enable you to grow your cv and transferrable skills. graduates from these subjects have a plethora of flexible abilities which make them good in a variety of job sectors. these activities can include community outreach, societies, work placements and more: click here


Just by watching the 'this is English at Nottingham' video on the Youtube channel, you can see how literature and language are explored at university and skill building activities given to students. While three new student profiles demonstrating their careers in this degree are available to see, budding authors and journalists could be interested in Rob Temple's university reflections on his road to published author success.

happy read!


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