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  • Catherine Young

NHS Careers Spotlight (All years)

Interest in NHS careers has increased over the last year as more people are looking for roles where they can ‘make a difference’ and have long term stability.

The Careerpilot Team has put together a pack of 12 ‘Hot Jobs’ posters to promote careers in the NHS.

Follow to see these NHS Hot Job Posters over the next few weeks, or download the PDF:

NHS Hot Jobs Posters
Download PDF • 3.36MB

Careerpilot explain three reasons for young people to consider a career in the NHS:

• The NHS offers over 350 job roles. With a staff of 1.3 million, just over half are employed in clinical roles such as; doctors, nurses, psychologists and midwives. There are a huge range of other careers and services which are vital to the running of the NHS, from; managing IT, analysing data, finance, maintaining buildings, equipment, booking appointments and running clinics.

• The NHS has jobs at every level and offers lots of progression opportunities, so it is ideal for school leavers. Whether they join at 16 or 18 and regardless of what qualifications they have, there are good apprenticeship pathways available. The NHS offer excellent training that can enable young people to be train from within the NHS, from entry level roles all the way up to Level 6 apprenticeships (equivalent to degrees).

• The government has introduced a bursary scheme of up to £5000 per year to help with living costs for some shortage NHS related degree areas such as, mental health nursing, dental technician or prosthetist.


Don't forget that you have a account that you use at school or at home. Make the most of this fantastic careers tool to help you think about your future.

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