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National Trust Ranger Volunteer Opportunity - Apply Now!

Are you looking for a career in nature conservation? Archaeology? Land management? Ecotourism and wildlife?

VACANCY: Wiltshire Landscape Ranger Volunteer

Calling pupils for work experience, local college students, uni students during the holidays, and career changers: the local National Trust countryside team are looking for a Wiltshire Landscape Ranger volunteer! We look after areas of international importance including Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, including major parts of the Stonehenge and Avebury UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are stewards of places with high biodiversity and significant archaeological features. We have some of the rarest habitats in the world (species-rich chalk grasslands) and an extremely dense concentration of cultural monuments, some dating back over 6000 years. You would work directly with our knowledgeable Rangers and be part of the team ensuring that key features are well-cared for across the Wiltshire Landscape portfolio. This will suit somebody who:

· Loves being outside in all weathers in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside (downland,

woodland and meadows)

· Is passionate about learning to look after nature, ancient human cultures and

protected landscapes

· Has the will to develop new skills and understanding of how to manage sensitive sites

This is the perfect opportunity to gain some practical experience so that you can pursue a career in natural and archaeological heritage conservation or other related lines of work. You could be coppicing hazel, monitoring wildflowers, clearing scrub from Bronze Age hillforts, searching for rare insects or assisting guided walks, all the time honing the skills needed for a future career. We use evidence-informed approaches backed by science to protect and restore our irreplaceable places.

Our two bases are near Stonehenge and Avebury; opportunities are based cross-county as far south as Salisbury and as far north as Swindon.

If you think this is for you then sign up centrally under our HQ at West Kennett Farm @

For more about the sites you’d be working on, browse our property pages @

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