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  • Catherine Young

Mental health support and subject webinars (yr 12 and 13- Thurs 27th)

Updated: May 25, 2021


Moving up to uni can be a daunting experience. If you're concerned about the mental health support you can get at University, the University of Nottingham is running an event dedicated to helping you find this out. This event will include financial support too and is aimed at both able-bodied and disabled students.

The event will take place online, Thurs 27th at 6.00 until 6.45pm

Please note there will be no time for tailored advice to individuals in this event

Click here to book your place

Your mental health is especially important, this is a good opportunity to give yourself the best understanding of how to get the most out of your experience.


University of Nottingham is running subject webinars in STEM, veterinary medicine, medicine and engineering to help you understand the subject.

STEM with Q and A: Thurs April 29th 6.00- 7.00pm click here

Veterinary medicine with Q and A: Wed 5th May 6.00- 7.00pm click here

Medicine with Q and A: Thur May 6th 6.00- 7.00pm click here

Engineering: Thur 13th May 6.00-7.00pm click here

Good luck!

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