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KGA Yr 10 Work Experience (Thurs 15th July 2021)

Welcome to our 2021 KGA Yr 10 Work Experience programme!

Due to the ongoing pressures on businesses, we decided to run our work experience programme in-house this year. We are very fortunate to be able to do this with the support of 8 fantastic organisations.

To prepare for the Yr 10 WEX day on Thursday 15th July, students must complete the 3 next steps:

1) Watch this video introducing the 2021 WEX programme and describing the placement choices and application process.

2) Decide which of the placements are your 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice from the nine below.

  1. Babcock International

  2. Bevirs Law

  3. Deceuninck Ltd

  4. Design & Digital at USW

  5. HELP (Health & Exercise Learning Partnership)

  6. Health & Wellbeing at Uni of Winchester

  7. Royal Air Force

  8. Siemens Mobility Limited

  9. Wessex Inspiration Network

3) Apply for your WEX placement using this form by Monday 14th June.

Please note that places will be allocated based on the quality of the completed application. Therefore, please enter your answers to a high standard and with plenty of detail that supports your preferences.

Good luck with your application! Your placement will be confirmed by the end of June and you will receive more information about it then from the employer.

Work Experience preparation will take place during tutor time on the 6th - 8th July, ready for the placement day on the 15th July 2021.

Please email any questions to

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