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KGA Virtual Careers Fair (Wed 11th Nov, All years)

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Welcome to our first VIRTUAL Careers Fair!

This is how it works:

1) Look at our KGA Virtual Careers Fair Booklet and see what grabs your attention.

KGA Virtual Careers Fair Booklet - Nov 2
Download • 2.17MB

2) See what the organisations do and the opportunities they offer

3) Decide what interests you

and then...

4) Take part in the Tutor Group Careers Fair Competition Quiz on Wednesday 11th November during your tutor time.

The tutor group with the highest score will receive a delicious prize from the Careers Team!



Thank you to our wonderfully supportive employer and education provider contacts who have very kindly provided information about their organisations and the future opportunities they provide for our KGA Virtual Careers Fair booklet.

We hope we can see you again in person for our 2021 Careers Fair but for 2020 this is a great alternative!


Usually our annual careers fair takes place in our school hall and is packed with employers and education providers who answer all your questions and provide you with inspiration for your careers.

We hope you enjoy reading about these organisations, using their social media links and finding out about their opportunities and then...taking part in the Tutor Time Careers Fair Quiz on Wednesday 11th November!

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