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  • Catherine Young

KGA University & Oxbridge Awareness Evening (Yr 7 - 13, 29th April 6.30pm & 7.15pm)

Our KGA Careers Vision is Challenge - Aspire - Network

We support our students to:

Aspire to a bright future that is well-informed and transcends barriers by accessing up-to-date LMI, career-planning tools and advice and well-developed career plans.

It is important to understand the opportunities in Higher Education from a young age.

Raising aspirations in young people and encouraging them to set their sights high can motivate them to achieve ambitious goals and fulfil their potential.

This is why we are hosting this event for ALL year groups. We would love as many parents/carers and students as possible to attend to learn about the university pathway, including Oxford and Cambridge and discover what is could be possible.

Zoom links to these two events will be send via email to parents/carers and students.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact

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