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KGA Mock Interviews (Yr 10, Tues 29th March)

The KGA Mock Interview is back in-person!

A fantastic opportunity for you to practise being interviewed in a friendly, safe way before you have to do it next year for real.

We are delighted to welcome over 30 local employers to the school who conduct the interviews and give our students a great first experience. The interviews will be skills and competency based, rather than being interviewed for a particular job. This will give you practise in talking positively about yourself - something that you will have to do in ALL types of interviews.

Get ready!

Here is all the information you need to come prepared for the day, including:

  • What should I wear?

  • How can I prepare for the day?

You will go through this presentation in tutor time on Monday 21st March 2022.

29th March Mock Interview Preparation
Download PDF • 1.67MB

Mock Interview Preparation questions:

On the morning of 29th March, before your interview, you will be helped by experts from the WIN to develop your answers to the following competency-based questions.

All you need to do before the day, is have a think what examples and experiences you might talk about for each area. The WIN will then help you structure your answers. Remember to read your CV to remind yourself of your skills and experiences!

PDF version:

Year 10 Preparation for Mock Interview Questions
Download PDF • 680KB

I'm worried ...

Please try not to worry about this day - it is here to help you and you will be having your first interview at the same time as the rest of your tutor group! There will be lots to talk about after and there is always a real buzz afterwards as students become very proud of themselves for what they have achieved.

Remember the quote:

Do not worry, just care and be prepared

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