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Careers in the Royal Air Force - KGA Careers Assemblies Week (All years, April 2021)

  • Learn about the lifestyle in the Air Force and the opportunities available with over 50 different types of jobs.

  • Understand the skills and qualifications that are required to work with the Air Force.

  • Find out about the different pathways into the air force

4 short videos and 1 longer video


RAF - Inspiration

(2:28 mins)

A short film featuring 7 service personnel who share their stories about what inspired them to join up. From being wowed by the Blues and their engineering skills, to finding inspiration at the University Air Squadron, they all dreamed of an exciting career; one where they can be challenged whilst travelling the world and meeting friends for life.


RAF - Benefits & Lifestyle

(2:36 mins)

Being inspired to join the RAF is one part of the journey, and this short film covers all the reasons why RAF personnel choose to stay. That is because, no other employer can match the RAF in its travel and adventurous training offers.

This compilation of interviews showcases 8 personnel. For them, meeting people and the strong camaraderie are incredible – it is a tight knit family. The job security is very strong –no matter what happens, the military will keep moving. The opportunities are endless – you just need to be pro-active. You might even get a chance to fly in a jet!


To sum up a career in the RAF

(0:51 mins)

We have asked 7 personnel to summarise their career in 3 words. From being part of something bigger than yourself to travelling, the RAF can offer a much more exciting life than the civilian world. All personnel featured have been challenged during their career, but the rewards and enjoyment far outweigh them. Meeting likeminded people, taking your career to the next step and being paid well is what they love most about the RAF.


Apprenticeships with the RAF

(6:51 mins)

Combination of 8 interviews including Personnel Support, Firefighter, Nurse, Chef, Supplier, ASOS and Aircraft Technician. This film covers generic information, detailed requirements, training, benefits, top tips for recruitment, and transferrable skills. Plus, content about training and driving qualifications, sponsorships, University Air Squadron and Phase 1 Training.


Meet the Team behind the Team

(25:52 mins)

RAF feature film discussing generic topics, such as the variety of roles, diversity, travel and benefits, whilst sharing stories from personnel who are working in and around the UK right now during the global pandemic.

Includes 7-minute RAFAT feature showcasing the Red Arrows and the Engineers that work with them behind-the-scenes.


Interested to find out about the Army or Royal Navy and Royal Marines too?


Thank you to the Royal Air Force for supporting our 2021 KGA Careers Assemblies by providing these fantastic resources for our students.

Thank you to the WIN (Wessex Inspiration Network) for their support in pulling these careers assembly resources together.


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