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In2scienceUK Summer Programme (Year 12, 9th April deadline but apply early)

The In2scienceUK programme offers Year 12 students the chance to gain real-world experience, expert insights and practical support to help kickstart your future career in STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

You need to be within one hours commute of Bristol (KGA to Bristol is 46 minutes :-)) and you also need to meet the eligibility criteria, outlined below.

Our exciting programme will connect you to experts from all areas of STEM both virtually and in-person, providing you with the skills, knowledge and confidence as you take your next step in your STEM careers.

By securing a place on the In2scienceUK summer programme, you will gain access to:

  • Online research modules. Take part in live University standard lectures and research tasks led by top researchers from across the UK and work on cutting edge research and innovation to make your UCAS applications really stand out.

  • Online skills, employability and careers workshops. Gain practical support directly from experts at UK universities, research centres, companies and healthcare organisations. We’ll bring you guidance on areas including: personal statement writing, university admissions, CV writing and interview tips, university finance, careers panels, and a day in the life of a student, to name just a few.

  • In person work shadowing and online mentoring. You’ll get the chance to meet and receive tailored advice from your mentor based on your own needs throughout the programme and visit their workplace to gain insight into what it is like to work in the sector. We specially match every student to a mentor whose work and career pathway will be of interest to you. (Visits may be subject to change based on changes to Covid guidelines)

  • Be a part of the In2scienceUK Alumni Network. After the programme, you will be a part of our In2scienceUK Alumni Programme which will support you in your journey through University and beyond. The Alumni Programme gives you access to workshops, networking events, and career opportunities plus much more to help give you an inside track to the STEM career of your dreams.


Who is Eligible?

Our core eligibility criteria require that you must:

  • Attend a non-selective and state-maintained school. - KGA is

  • Be 16 or over and a current year 12 student or equivalent. - Are you?

  • Must be studying at least one STEM-related A-Level, BTEC or equivalent. e.g. Physics, Geography, Psychology, Maths, Computer Science, Design Technology, Food Science, Biology, Chemistry. - Do you?

  • Be Available for to take part in the programme over the summer. - Are you?

In addition, to be selected for interview you must also meet at least one of the following (These may differ depending on region);

  • Recipient of Free School Meals (FSM) in year 11, or at sixth form.

  • Have parents or carers with no higher education degree.

  • Current recipient of EMA or Pupil Premium.

  • Currently, live in a POLAR4 Q1 Neighbourhood. Click here to check your area.

  • Live within a one-hour commute of one of our hub cities or towns:

    • Bristol - KGA to Bristol is 46 minutes :-)


How do I Apply?

  • STEP 1: Apply Online Complete our online application form, letting us know why you want to take part in the programme and what your future aspirations are. The deadline for all applications is the 9th April 2021 – we encourage students to apply as early as possible.

  • STEP 2: References During the application, we will ask you to nominate a teacher to provide a brief reference for your application. We cannot offer a student an interview without this reference, so please remind them as soon as you have finished your application to check their emails.

  • STEP 3: Interviews If you have been shortlisted, we will send you an invite to our regional interviews. Interviews will be held from the 20th April to 6th May 2021 via whatsapp or phone call.

  • STEP 4: Matches & Pre-Placement Skills Day If you have been successful, congratulations! We will send out all placement matches by 7th May 2021 and you will be invited to a regional pre-placement skills day between the 12th and 16th July 2021.


For the frequently asked questions (FAQ) click here.

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