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  • Catherine Young

Looking for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship? New listing (Yr 12 & 13, Feb 2021)

Are you in Sixth Form and looking for a higher or degree apprenticeship opportunity?

This new listing has made it easier to see what is available! Take a look here or download the PDF below!

Download • 605KB

The Education Skills & Funding Agency (ESFA) has created this Higher and Degree Vacancy Listing that showcases hundreds of vacancies for higher and degree level apprenticeships starting in 2021/22.

It includes over 60 different employers with some, such as Amazon, Coca-Cola and Morrisons, recruiting across the whole of England.

There is a range of vacancies and roles including:

  • Naval Architect (Babcock)

  • Aerospace Engineer (BAE Systems)

  • Lab Science Biology (GSK)

  • Human Resources (BP)

  • Sustainable Fashion Brand Digital Marketing and Communication (Rakha Ltd)

  • Network Engineer (Sky)

Explore this listing to discover opportunities that may help you to take the next step.

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