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  • Catherine Young

Future medic or scientist?...Be inspired (All years)

Medical Mavericks aim to inspire the next generation of medics and scientists.

They have created a Career Inspiration Starter Pack to help you learn about the health industry, the careers within it and the skills you need.

Here's an opportunity to develop your knowledge, raise your aspirations and challenge yourself!

You can access the Career Inspiration Starter Park here.

It includes:

  • PDF copy of Medical Maverick's book - Classroom to Clinic

  • PDF Copy of Medical Mavericks World Magazine

  • NHS Sector Overview Poster

  • NHS Apprenticeship Poster

  • BTEC H&SC Careers Poster

  • A-Level Physics Careers Poster

  • Career switcher resource

You can also download or watch 3 videos!

  • Video - Medical Engineering Assembly

  • Video - How to use the NHS website to find the right degree!

  • Video - How to make your career switcher

Click here to access them.

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