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Fully-funded Degree with the Army Webinar on 6/3/24 (Yr 12)

British Army Officer - Financial and Educational Support

Our Officers provide the Army with the leadership and direction we need to overcome pressing challenges in the UK and across the globe. 

Whether you are still in school, studying at university, have graduated, or decided to opt for the world of work, there is a place for you as an Army Officer.


University is not for everyone, and most Officer roles do not require a degree. However, if it is a degree you want, minus the student debt, the Army offers a fully funded BSc Leadership and Strategic Studies course in partnership with the University of Reading. Your 44 weeks at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst will contribute towards a third of your degree, which you can then complete over the next three to six years.


Some people have their heart set on going to university, and some of our Officer roles do require specialist degrees before you can join – including qualified medical or legal positions. If you want to join the Army after university, we can support you with several bursary options, ranging from £6,000 to £75,000, to support you through your education.

Interested in finding out more about the financial support available?

Register for the event HERE

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