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Cyber First Girls Development Days (Yrs 8&9) - Sessions in 1/2 Term & weekends - SIGN UP NOW!!!

The CyberFirst Girls Development Days are a free, fun, scenario-based initiative that aims to support girls interested in pursuing a cyber security career. The content exposes the girls to cyber security and delivers practical skills in an interactive and thoroughly enjoyable way.

Sessions are available throughout October (during half term and weekends) and girls can choose from either face-to-face interactive one-day courses or virtual courses split over two days. There will also be guest speakers and inspiring videos from inspirational female role models working in the industry.

During the sessions, the girls will be role playing as cyber security experts working for a fictitious app company, Sirius Cyberworks. Unfortunately, disaster has struck and there has been a serious breach of the company network - a new flagship app has been leaked. The girls’ role is to work through four different parts of the company, uncovering how the leak happened whilst learning new cyber skills along the way.

Places are limited, so if you have students who might be interested, please share this information with them so that they can secure their space.

Interested then sign up HERE.

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