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  • Catherine Young

Considering Solent University? - Receive some personal statement support (Year 12 & 13)

Thinking of applying to Solent University? If you are then let the Sixth Form team or KGA Careers Team know.

Solent University are keen to support any students looking into Solent as a potential choice on their UCAS application with their personal statements. As such they would like to offer Virtual Personal Statement workshops and 1:1 over the phone drop-in sessions with you.


Our Personal Statement workshops can focus on learning and applying a writing technique, including analysing exemplar statements as well as mapping key experiences to skills Universities are looking for in their students.

Our Personal Statement drop-in sessions focus on your own personal statement and development. These would be over the phone and via email, so you can send any work they may have started, and we can go through it with them. This would be for 15 minutes per student and can be run to suit your timetable.

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