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Cambridge University Opportunities (Year 12, various dates)

Year 12 & 13

Chemistry Race

First come, first served. Event takes place on Saturday 19 February 2022.

A competition for sixth-form students organised by the Department of Chemistry, designed to test chemical problem-solving skills and creativity. Teams of 3–5 students are challenged to solve chemistry-related questions and compete with other teams in real time.

Year 12

Robinson Access Programme

Deadline: 17 December

An online programme for Year 12 students who want to explore academically-selective universities and super-curricular skills. Sessions will be held every three weeks after school from January to April.

Year 12

Women in Maths

Deadline: 4 February. Event taking place 24--26 March

Teacher reference required.

A residential for Year 12 girls interested in studying Mathematics at selective universities. Students must be taking both A Level Maths and Further Maths / IB HL Maths Analysis and Approaches to be eligible for the event.


Humanities Writing Competition

Deadline: 18 March

Open to Y12 students with an interest in the humanities. Applicants will submit a written piece on one or more of the objects we have selected from the Girton College small antiques museum. An opportunity for research and writing beyond the curriculum; essays or creative responses (such as dramatic monologues or short stories) are equally welcome.

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