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British Army’s Apprenticeship Webinar on 7/11/23

As the Army celebrates it's 100th year of offering apprenticeships this year, this webinar aims to provide insight and guidance for young people leaving school on how they can access an amazing apprenticeship and career in the British Army.

At the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, the Army support 16 and 17 year olds in learning military skills, fitness and education (including English and Maths) so that they're ready for an apprenticeship and successful career in whichever part of the Army suits them best - all whilst earning a good wage and making friends for life.

Join us to find out more and to hear from current/past apprentices on their experiences of AFC Harrogate and how it has impacted and inspired their career so far.

The webinar begins at 4pm.

To register a place to attend this webinar, click HERE

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