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  • Catherine Young

BEX Design Apprenticeship Vacancies (Yr 11+, Application deadline 24th June 2021)

At Bex Design we can print onto almost anything that has a flat surface and we design & print a wide range of products from electronic fascias to labels. We work with many businesses, both UK and Internationally, including electronic parts manufacturers, assemblers, signage firms, exhibition companies and other related businesses.

Our core services include design & printing of graphic overlays, membrane switches, many types of labels, panels, promotional stickers, signage and product branding.

Bex Design is based in Calne.

We have some fantastic apprenticeship opportunities:

We are looking for a Junior Content Producer Apprentice to join our production team.

Closing Date: 24th June 2021

We are looking for a Customer Service Apprentice to join our sales team.

Closing Date: 24th June 2021

Good luck if you decide to apply!

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