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  • Catherine Young

Audiobook Club (age 16+, free licences still available)

Behind the Cover is for all women and non-binary readers aged 16 and over.

It’s a book club that celebrates brilliant books with women at the centre of the story.

We share audiobooks alongside activities to help grown ups and young adults talk about the book. There's exclusive content from authors discussing their inspirations and writing process, their favourite books, and answers to book club questions.

Behind The Cover Club aims to share excellent books by and about women, while giving you readers a glimpse at the big questions and writers behind the stories.

How it works Once you've signed up to the Behind the Cover Club the National Literacy Trust will email you an exclusive access code to download the book for free.

This season of Behind the Cover will include three titles from January to March and there are limited downloads available. Sign up below so that you do not miss out. Sign up for your free audiobook

For more information click here

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