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  • Catherine Young

Aspire Career Planning Guide & Industry Webinars (All years, 7th - 11th March 5-6pm)

Here are some fantastic resources to help you with your career planning:

1) The Aspire Guide - Your essential guide to university, further education and careers.

Use this link for the flip book, or download the PDF version here:

220705 Aspire Guide IG (1)
Download PDF • 15.57MB

The guide includes:

  1. University choice, jobs and salaries

  2. Student finance - the extended guide

  3. Top budgeting tips

  4. Creating your own budget

  5. Taking a year out

  6. Top careers to consider

  7. Employability skills gap

  8. CV guidance

  9. Cover letter guidance

  10. How to ace the interview

  11. The STAR interview technique

2) The Aspire Webinar Series is a series of free-to-attend webinars designed to support state school students across the UK to explore their career and higher education options. We will be celebrating National Careers Week by offering free daily webinars on different career pathways. The industries covered will be Tech & Engineering, Accountancy & Professional Services, Banking & Finance, The Public Sector and Law.

Not only do attendees get an introduction to each sector, they’ll also get the chance to ask questions to a panel of professionals currently working in that industry! The panel will also describe how they got into their field and impart knowledge about how to successfully pursue a career in their sector.

Sign up here for the live webinars:

3) For more information and free resources from Aspire click here:

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