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Access to Southampton (A2S) Programme (Yr 12, 2nd July 2021 deadline)

Access to Southampton (A2S) programme for 2022 entry is open for eligible students in Year 12/their first year of A Level or equivalent study.

Watch this short video to get an overview of the programme and its benefits:


Participants will take part in a programme of e-mentoring, as well as a monthly online Q&A series, connecting them with key topics and experts on their journey to University. This year we have some new personal development additions to the programme, which will include the option to take part in a speaking academy with a international speaking coach, and coaching sessions on building resilience and discovering your leadership voice.

The key benefits of A2S for those who complete the programme in full include:

  • Additional admissions consideration when they apply to Southampton

  • A £1000 scholarship in their first year of study

  • Information about other opportunities through their degree.


Find out more

Find more information on including revised eligibility criteria and an online application form.

Find out more through this PDF full of information:

A2S2022 presentation
Download PDF • 1.70MB

Applications for A2S will close on 2nd July 2021.


Eligibility Criteria

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